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Store Summary


Zoylo is a healthcare platform dedicated to connecting people to a variety of necessary healthcare services. For many of its users, these are services to which they would usually not have access. Regional limitations are often a large part of why people do not have access to the healthcare that they need.

By making their healthcare platform a digital one, Zoylo can provide quality healthcare and a growing network of healthcare providers to every corner of India. Essential services like scheduling doctors' appointments are available, but Zoylo provides more specific services as well, like a kidney function test (KFT) or a blood sugar test (FBS).

Product Categories

Zoylo offers a comprehensive list of healthcare options, all available from the website and its award-winning app. This hybrid map-based app is compatible across multiple platforms, allowing Zoylo's accessible healthcare to be even more convenient. Of the services available on both the website and the app, they include:


zoylo coupons


  • Booking doctor appointments

  • Scheduling lab tests

  • Ordering basic diagnostic packages, like checking cholesterol levels

  • Ordering more comprehensive diagnostics, like a diabetes screening or a liver function test (LFT)

  • Online consultations

  • Ordering medicines

  • Insurance

  • Scheduling a home healthcare visit

  • Hospital packages

  • Corporate wellness packages

Alongside these offerings, Zoylo has a comprehensive resource tool that improves both the accuracy and the speed of diagnosis. This diagnosis works by compiling data collected from the patient, who only has to answer a series of simple questions. Called "ZoyAsk," this technology works by creating a conversation between the user and a medical practitioner, almost the same as talking with a doctor. After analyzing the responses, ZoyAsk will make a recommendation.

This groundbreaking technology is especially useful if medical help is necessary right away. There is no wait time, and the process allows for attention to difficult situations faster than usual.


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Promotional coupons are an excellent opportunity to save your hard-earned money, and the Zoylo promo codes are even more critical. You can't put a price on your health or that of your family.

By utilizing our promo codes and coupons, you can gain access to Zoylo medical services when you need them the most.

Having these promo codes and coupons is also vital for unpredictable medical situations that are more urgent than a routine doctor appointment.

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Zoylo is certainly setting themselves far apart from the rest in terms of accessible, online healthcare.

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