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Use official and working Zovi coupon codes only for best deals and discounts while shopping for clothing and accessories. Coupons for Zovi.com assure highest discounts and best prices. Zovi hosts a comprehensive range of trendiest and latest fashion products for men, ladies and kids.

Zovi.com runs at least half a dozen offers 365 days in a year. Some of these offers are directly added to cart, without the use of any voucher code (hereafter referred as deals). Others require specific discount coupons and a specific procedure of shopping to avail promotional savings. Zovi offers can be summarized into following categories:

  • Percentage discount deals

    This is the simplest and the most common form of offer on zovi.com. Here prices of select items is reduced significantly. It is important in such cases for users to strictly use the official Zovi page opened in new tab of browser on clicking of 'Use This Coupon' button. This is because such type of percentage based deals are applicable only on select catalog and not all items within that category.

  • Buy 1/2/3 and get free

    This type of offers are most suited for shoppers who are looking to buy multiple products. In fact, in most cases sighting the deal even other buyers are likely to buy more with or without a serious demand. Regular offers of this type includes 'Buy shirts worth Rs. 999 and get a wallet free worth Rs. 499'. This offer type is also referred as B1G1 or 'Buy one Get one' deal.

  • Buy 1/2/3 and get percentage off

    Traditional yet one of the most efficient discount type. It is also many a times referred as 'buy more, save more' offer. This is a deal and in most cases you will not require any code to redeem this. Off course, it is necessary to follow our website so that you get directed to the catalog where this offer is valid.

  • SALE

    You may have hear about 'end of season sale' but Zovi features a 365 days sale. This is a unique offer type of Zovi where it regularly updates products which need to be cleared from stock. Such deals attract biggest crowd and can be an opportunity to get even best quality and internationally branded shirts, polos, t-shirts, denims and shorts at dirt cheap prices.

  • Coupon code based discount

    This is the ultimate type of offer which we strive to bring to you the most. Such zovi coupons are published on the website as well as communicated privately to us via our partner program. We try and collect the most exhaustive list of coupons on this page by constantly pursuing our private connections, following zovi newsletters and scrapping through their website. Regular coupon based offers include 'Rs. 101 discount on entire store', 'Rs. 500 off on denim' etc.

  • Bank Coupon Codes

    In tie-up with leading banks in India, such as HDFC and ICICI, Zovi.com offers anywhere between 15-25% discount. A few conditions to avail these discounts include payment with that specific bank whose code you want to avail and shopping for a minimum specified value. Also note, in some cases code while making payment through net-banking may be different than that while making payment through credit or debit card.

  • Wallet discounts

    With the launch of dozens of online recharge and bill payment websites, wallets have been aggressively promoted by tying up with leading online e-commerce stores. Zovi being on of the most famous, especially in social media channels is thus unavoidable. If you use recharge websites such as PayU or Mobikwik or any other leading one, then you can save an additional 15-20% on your shopping at zovi.com by making payment through such wallet deposits.

In conclusion, Zovi coupon codes can make your online shopping for clothing and apparels cheaper with no compromise on quality and branded products. Use them in addition to ongoing offers and it will delight you.


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