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30% Off
Valid on ZEE5 Annual Subscription
  • Valid Till : 26th October 2020
3 Month Zee5 Plan
Get it for just ₹299
  • Valid Till : 26th October 2020
1 Month Zee5 Plan
Get it for just ₹99
  • Valid Till : 27th October 2020
6 Months Zee5 Plans
Get it for just ₹599
  • Valid Till : 27th October 2020
1 Year All Access Zee5 Plan
Get it for just ₹999
  • Valid Till : 28th October 2020

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Store Summary

Zee5 is a new Indian video-on-demand website founded in 2018. While its headquarters are located in Mumbai, users can access the platform's features in over 190 countries.

It features content in a dozen languages, including English, Hindi, and Bengali. One of the most popular original shows on the platform is Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. Additionally, one of the first web series in Tamil, America Mappillai, was featured on Zee5.


zee5 coupons


The platform features applications for several different operating systems, including Apple and Android. Its app makes it easy for customers to stream all their favourites on the go. Acquiring your streaming plan at Zee5 will allow you to join the platforms over 75 million current users all around the world.

Product Categories

Whether you are looking to rewatch an old classic or something you have never seen before, Zee5 likely has something you will enjoy. Here are the primary product categories offered by the company:

  • Movies

  • TV Shows

  • Original Content


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Get 20% off selected plans until 31st March 2020!

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