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Book Acacia Villa One
Get it for just ₹23,305 In Coorg Karnataka
  • Valid Till : 31st January 2021
Book Jay House Villa
Get it for just ₹28,000 In Alibaug Maharastra
  • Valid Till : 31st January 2021
Book NayoNash Villa For Rent
Get it for just ₹66,080 In Lonavala, Maharashtra
  • Valid Till : 31st January 2021

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Store Summary

Vista Rooms is the best way to book a hotel or holiday home! Its modern website helps you book anything you need, from the perfect place to sleep on your holiday, to kids getaways, and corporate retreats. Plus, with its 24-7 customer service team on your side, you can feel confident booking the vacation home of your dreams!

Break out of your routine and enjoy life in one of the curated properties. Vista Rooms only brings the best to its site. Only 1 out of 10 properties the company scouts makes it to the listings of its site. This means that when you book through Vista Rooms, you're guaranteed a safe, clean, and relaxing experience.

Every property found of Vista Rooms comes with complimentary breakfast and free wifi too! That way you can relax however you like it!

Product Categories

Vista Rooms give you the ultimate ability to customize your vacation home and outings. Listed below are the kinds of bookings that Vista Rooms can help you arrange on your next trip:

  • Holiday Homes

  • Pet-Friendly Homes

  • Experiences

  • Sunday Brunch

  • Pool Party

  • Kids Getaway

  • Corporate Offsite

  • Girls Getaway

  • Bike Getaway

  • Christmas Celebration

  • Wedding Photoshoot

The two main categories Vista Rooms can assist you with are:

  • Holiday Homes

  • Experiences

Once you click into these broad categories, you can find a variety of filters and sub-categories to help you get the ultimate best choice for you.


vistarooms coupons


For example, VistaRooms offers experiences ranging from formal corporate offsite retreats to casual Sunday brunches. You can easily select the sub-category that best matches your vacation or retreat.


We host VistaRooms discount codes online every day. We find offers on everything from hotel bookings to entire vacation packages. We spend time combing the internet for discounts so that you don't have to!

Right, now we're hosting offers like:

  • 10% off your booking

  • 15% off your next vacation

So whenever you plan to vacation, check our VistaRooms offers.

Why Use Promotional Coupons?

Vacations are expensive, but they don't have to be unaffordable when you use VistaRooms promo codes from! You can't have a good vacation if you don't have a nice place to lay your head every night.

Our deals make your accommodations less of a financial burden. Plus, when you've got that little extra cash in your pocket, you can splurge on that souvenir you're bound to fall in love with on your trip.

Shop More with

Take advantage of savings on your next vacation with deals on Vista Rooms with We make it easy to save no matter what you buy!

Don't throw your money away: start using to shop smart!


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