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Got a long train journey coming up? What better way to pass the time on a long train ride than with a delicious meal? That’s the thinking TravelKhana has, which is why they provide a great quality service by offering you a nice, delicious meal waiting for you conveniently when you arrive at the train station.

The service that TravelKhana offers works quite simply and is extremely user-friendly. You can place your order either on their website or even on your smartphone for increased convenience using their smartphone application. All you need to do is enter the details of the train you will be taking, select your food of choice from TravelKhana’s delicious menu, and arrive at the train station as you normally would find your delicious meal awaiting you before you board.

With plenty of classic and delicious fare to choose from, after ordering your first TravelKhana meal, you are likely going to crave one every time you book a trip on a train. However, particularly if you ride the train a lot, the prices are quickly going to add up and you are probably going to want to find a way to spend less money on your delicious train meals. Well, fortunately, that’s where we at 7Coupons.IN come in!

Whether you are new to this unique and incredible service that TravelKhana offers to consumers, or if you have loved their service for quite some time now, you can benefit from the coupons we offer here at 7Coupons.IN to get the discounts and deals you need to fund your love of their awesome meals and convenience.


Deals You’ll Love, All Year Round

At 7Coupons.IN, we make it easy to get affordable meals through TravelKhana with all the excellent coupons we have compiled on our website. All you need to do is browse through the selection we offer, find the option that best fits your needs, and with a few simple clicks, you’ll have your order placed through Travel Khana for a significantly lower total and be on your way to the station to enjoy your delicious—and affordable—meal.

We have discounts ranging from 10% off to a set amount off the total price of your meal purchase, and discounts on the vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali. Whatever it is you are craving, we have a coupon that will get you a delicious and hot meal delivered right to you at the train station without hassle or stress, and even without breaking the bank.

Having a deliciously prepared meal waiting for you at the train station makes traveling a much more pleasurable experience and helps the time to pass by much more quickly. So, why not explore the menu that TravelKhana has to offer to travelers and order the meal that sounds like it will hit the spot. Don’t forget to explore the TravelKhana coupons we offer, and check back often because we are always updating our website with the latest and greatest in TravelKhana deals!


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