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Winter Profile Checkup
Starting at just ₹3000
  • Valid Till : 8th March 2021
Antibody for Covid 19
Starting at just ₹750
  • Valid Till : 8th March 2021
Complete Vitamin Profile Test
Get it for just ₹2000
  • Valid Till : 8th March 2021
Wellness Packages
Starting at just ₹1050
  • Upto 121Tests
  • Valid Till : 6th March 2021
New Aarogyam Packages
Starting at just ₹900
  • Valid Till : 2nd March 2021

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Using Coupons to save at Thyrocare

Having medical work done does not come at a small cost. It can cost hundreds and thousands to receive any medical procedures and tests. However, these are typically unavoidable and critical towards keeping you healthy. When it comes to thyroid care, receiving tests can add up. The Thyroid can be the cause of various health problems, and it’s important to have it diagnosed and treated as soon as you can. Thyrocare is a company who offers specialized care and services for thyroid issues.


Thyrocare offers various services and a diagnostics laboratory for thyroid issues

Thyrocare is the first fully automated diagnostic laboratory ever to open to the public in India. At Thyrocare, they work to ensure you will receive helpful service in your diagnosis and treatment process. It is their goal to provide you with quality tests and procedures. They rank high in speed and accuracy so that you can get your results as soon as possible, and they ensure they will be accurate. The thyroid is one of the most important parts of the body, as it produces the hormones your body needs to self-regulate. There are hundreds of diseases and disorders that are related to a problem in the thyroid. Some of the disorders they can test for are:

  • Anemia
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Hypo/Hyperthyroidism
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes And more…

Using Coupons to save on procedures at Thyrocare

As you may know, it is not cheap to run tests and procedures, and having them done to determine an issue can start to add up, especially if you must undergo repeated testing. Why should you have to worry about going broke because of medical bills? Keeping yourself healthy and diagnosing any thyroid issues doesn’t have to come at a cost. You can use coupons to save a significant amount on your medical bills. You can receive discounts on various tests and procedures using our site, 7Coupons. There is no need to stress about your bills.

Offers from 7Coupons to save at Thyrocare

Our company, 7Coupons offers discounts for you to take advantage of at Thyrocare. You can receive discounts on checkups, certain tests, or package tests together. Through our site, you can apply promotions to save on your medical bills. We make it easy to determine what coupons are applicable to you. We outline what items it is valid for, if there are any other requirements, and the expiration dates all so you don’t have to go through the struggle of reading that tiny fine print on the coupons.

You don’t have to spend your days stressing about how to pay your bills, or ignore a health problem because you can’t afford to pay for it. With our coupons, you can get diagnostics tests from Thyrocare done for a discounted price and save hundreds or thousands. We ensure it will be a painless process to use our coupons since we highlight all the important terms and conditions of the promotions so you make no mistakes.


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