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Get free StarCJ discount coupon codes and redeem them for cheapest price while shopping online on StarCJ discount codes can be termed as 'icing on cake' because they offer additional savings on an already discounted e-commerce store. being a low cost shopping website is targeted specifically towards lower middle class households. Having said that, the products are anyways low at cost as in most cases they belong to little know brands. On top of this, starcj leaves no reason for anyone to leave without buying because they issue a coupon for almost everything, its just that you need to figure out which voucher suits you and more importantly follow this page. Most of the starcj voucher codes are slab based and offer flat amount or percentage discounts. Further, almost all deals and offers for this store are product specific and are applicable only till stocks' last.

Starcj heavily promotes its products in the form of Television advertisements. In fact, they buy entire show slots of non-prime timings. This also enables users to first see the demo of their products and learn the usage, advantages and reviews. Unlike almost all the other web-stores, StarCJ also offers the facility of ordering the products on telephone. Thus forming a complete perception of telebrand cum online shop. Most of the items listed on this store come regularly in day to day use. It works on the model of sourcing products from local suppliers at low costs and then generating economies of scale by providing multiple channels of distribution.

Some of the regular coupon types include:

  • Extra 12% OFF on Minimum Purchase: Rs.1000
  • Flat Rs 250 discount on Rs 1000+
  • Extra 10% OFF

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