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Store Summary

Shemaroo Me is a one-stop-shop for the best and most authentic Indian movies and television.

With a collection of over 3700 titles to choose from, you’ll find something for every member of the family and will never get bored.

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Shemaroo Me is available as an app that works on most devices such as Android, iPhone, Roku, and Amazon Firestick. And you don’t have to live in India to enjoy all that Shemaroo has to offer. Shemaroo Me can be accessed in over 248 countries worldwide.

You can choose from a few different plans to find the subscription membership that aligns most with your entertainment preferences. There are also free titles available if you do not wish to subscribe to a plan. 


Product Categories

Shemaroo Me has titles in a number of categories ranging from Bollywood classics and more regional content to devotional and kids genres. That is the best part – there’s something for everyone. Some of the most prominent media categories available for viewing on Shemaroo are:

  • Bollywood Premiers

  • Bollywood Classics

  • Bollywood Comedies

  • Classic Indian Cinema

  • Romantic Films

  • Live Darshan

  • Live TV

  • Live News 24/7

  • Punjabi FIlms

  • Marathi Plays

  • Kids Rhymes

  • Kids TV and Movies



7coupons has several Shemaroo coupons available currently on the site. Depending on the subscription plan you’re interested in getting, there will be a coupon for it.

The first offer is for Punjabi Premium Plans and is valid only until July 3. The deal is for ₹49 per month.

Next, you’ll find a Comedy Premium Plan coupon for just ₹499 annually if laughs and lighthearted content is what you love. This also expires on July 3.

Bollywood fans will rejoice at the Bollywood Premier Yearly Plan for just ₹499. Be sure to use the coupon to get the deal before it expires on July 3.

There’s also a Marathi Yearly Premium Plan for the same great price of ₹499 as long as the deal is used before July 3.

Finally, there is a great deal for up to ₹250 cashback in your pockets valid on all available plans from Shemaroo Me. The minimum to get this deal is ₹99 and can be used with Amazon Wallet pay only. 


Why Use Promotional Coupons?

Shemaroo Coupons are a great way to access all of your favourite Indian and Bollywood films and TV shows at a discounted rate you never knew was possible.

While most people will sign up directly on the Shemaroo Me site without checking for any promotions first, checking on 7coupons before purchasing allows you to get the same products at a much better rate.


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