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Savaari, an intercity cab rental service, has been India’s largest retail cab rental player for the past 10 years. Providing customers quality chauffeur driven car rental services in 60 different cities across India. Making a more enjoyable and comfortable travelling experience, Savaari serves its customers only the best vehicles with a wide variety to select from.

Unlike most car rental services, ripping off customers for poor quality vehicles that aren’t kept clean and new, Savaari serves its customers with pristine services by keeping every vehicle in tip top shape. Savaari is a venture-funded service by leading investors like Intel Capital and Inventus Capital Partners. Serving customers with local car rentals, outstation taxis, one-way cabs, and cabs by city, wherever a car is needed, it will provide. When customers choose it, they are choosing the best class local cab service in India, so anyone can cover popular locations in their local cities. Another advantage of choosing them is their unbeatable fares, making it reasonable for all customers. Just a few clicks away is the best car rental company, ready to serve its customers through quality services.

Save On Car Rentals

7Coupons.IN brings to you deals for the best car service, to save on a high-quality ride for a great price! We understand how expensive travel can get, and that your money should go to the best services. Helping make car services more convenient and affordable, we offer various vouchers for Savaari. It’s fairly easy, just come to our coupon portal, search the company Savaari and choose from any of the available coupons. The finest traveling while saving money has never been so easy!

The New Generation of Car Services

Savaari prides itself on the 5 key components their company thrives on; Clean cars, on time service, courteous drivers, complimentary service, and transparent billing. By gaining customer satisfaction through quality services like affordable rates and professional drivers, it characterizes their company to be unique from all other driving services. Customers can find the nearest Savaari service near them within the 60 cities in India. Some of the main cities they cover are:

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Goa
  • Bengaluru3
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Jaipur
  • Agra
  • Kolkata
  • Udaipur

Within these and other 60 cities, Savaari offers a wide variety of cars to choose from that fits every customers’ needs like the Tata Indica, Toyota Innova, Toyota Corolla, Mercedes E Class, Toyota Etios, Honda City, and the Toyota Camry.

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Our team is proud to start a new way of saving, by helping you afford a high-quality mode of travel with Savaari coupons. Our goal is to provide savings in all aspects of life. We also provide great savings on things like health, cosmetics, apparel, and electronics. With Savaari, you will travel comfortably and affordably, to any major city near you with just a few clicks away. Promising their customers complete satisfaction, we at 7Coupons.IN trust that this is the company for your traveling needs. Save with Savaari today, and check out what else you can save today!


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