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Privilege Plan
Get it for just ₹1799
  • Wallet Assist
  • Valid Till : 31st July 2020
Platinum Plan
Get it for just ₹2999
  • Mobile Assist
  • Valid Till : 31st July 2020
Power Plan
Get it for just ₹1299
  • Wallet Assist
  • Valid Till : 31st July 2020

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A New Kind of Protection

Have you ever lost your phone or your wallet and have been lost on what to do next? These two items pretty much hold our entire lives and if anyone ever got access to them they could do real damage. Not to mention the pain and distress we would be under just having those items missing. That’s why OneAssist was created. They have created a service that can assure their customers that their day will still go smoothly even if they’ve lost these important items. It is a service that customers can buy to protect their most important items and assist if they should become lost. It offers several services to their customers.

  • WalletAssist
  • MobileAssist
  • EverydayAssist
  • And TripAssist

Their customers would never have to worry in cases where they have lost their wallet, smartphone, data, or documents. OneAssist would have them covered.

Assistance in Life

The founders of OneAssist wanted to make sure that their customers would never have to stop their lives simply from losing one item. Their products assure this in several ways depending on the product their customer has. With WalletAssist, a customer can register all their cards with the service and in the case, their wallet becomes lost it will get your cards blocked, they can also help file fraud claims, help you get new cards and even assist in replacing your driver’s license, and that’s just the beginning. This service can reduce the number of headaches that come with losing your items. And now you can try out this amazing service for yourself for less with 7Coupons.IN.

Saving on Assistance

We are offering excellent deals for those who want to have a little more assistance with life. You can get their premium plans for both WalletAssist and MobileAssist for just a function of what it cost online when you use a voucher from 7Coupons.IN. All you would have to do to claim these savings is visit the OneAssist page on the 7Coupons.IN and with one click you can be saving in no time.

Our OneAssist Coupons

OneAssist has changed what it means to have protection. In the past, losing your wallet and your phone meant the next few days or maybe even weeks of your life would be a constant pain and never-ending headache. Your face would be glued to a phone calling banks and cell phone providers, canceling cards, and disputing charges all because one little item went missing. With their services, customers no longer need to endure that pain for long. It has changed what could have been days’ worth of irritation into a situation that can all be settled for you with just one call. And for those still hesitating to try this service because of the price, we have what you need with OneAssist coupons. We offer coupons that will save you hundreds on a OneAssist plan. Just visit our site and see how you can get protected with OneAssist for less.


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