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Reinventing Cabs

Ola is a transportation app that is changing the way people travel all around India. By bringing drivers, city transportation and customers together on one mobile platform. This innovative idea is why Ola is one of the fastest growing companies in India. Also because of the convenience and transparency of their service new customers are flocking to this app every day. Ola has set off on a mission to make transportation as hassle-free as possible with the use of technology. When using their app, you don’t get just one kind of transportation option, here are a few rides their customers can access via the app:

  • AC Cabs
  • Luxury Cars
  • Auto-rickshaws
  • Shuttle Buses

Their ride service can be used by people headed out for a special occasion or just for daily commutes. This app has a ride for everyone for any occasion. Ola users span across 102 cities and can book over 450,000 vehicles.

Driving into Savings

Ola has not only made it easy to get a ride to wherever you’re going, but their business model has made it possible for their driver-partners to expand into entrepreneurship through the system Ola has set up. It is constantly looking for customer feedback to find new ways to improve the service. One way they’ve done that is by making it easy for the drivers to get paid and for the riders to pay either with cash or by credit/debit through the app. And the best part is that Ola Cabs has a plethora of coupons readily available to their customers through 7Coupons.IN.

OlaCabs Coupons at 7Coupons.IN

We have so many offers and discounts available to Ola customers that anyone ride they take could have a discount available for it. 7Coupons.IN offers for Ola include anything from specific cash amounts off when getting a ride through the app, to percentages off, a customer even has the option to get up to 50% cash back. These deals won’t last forever. You can take advantage of these coupons too. Just visit the Ola Cabs page on our site. There, you can choose the voucher you want and in one click, you are ready to ride into discounts with Ola—it’s that simple.

Discounts while you Ride

Ola has changed how India commutes. They have officially taken the guess work out of finding transportation in the cities and have made it easy and convenient to book a ride. Through their innovative mobile app, anyone can get a ride no problem. But for those skeptical about the cost of the service then they only need to look to 7Coupons.IN. With our many vouchers and deals readily available to their customers, you could save on your first ride and even get 50% of your cash back on the 5th ride. There is a discount waiting for you to use that could result in you saving hundreds. Just visit us and see how much you can save while using the Ola app.


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