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Store Summary

Nursery Live aims to be a platform for everyone's gardening needs. There are more than six thousand items available for delivery across India and has all the products for every gardener. Countless varieties of plants, seeds, and pots are available to provide every gardener with the tools needed to succeed. The right supplies, like soil and fertilizer, are sold through the website to help gardeners properly take care of their plants.

Nursery Live is unique because it gives gardeners a platform to connect on. They can discuss whatever they want on the forum, including plants, gardening, and nature. For every gardener, Nursery Live provides the much-needed supplies at the best cost.


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Product Categories

Nursery Live covers all the essential gardening products. Below we have listed some of the product categories on their website:

  • Plants

  • Seeds

  • Bulbs

  • Pots

  • Pebbles

  • Soil and Fertilizer

There are countless plants available on Nursery Live, from low-maintenance indoor plants to seasonal and more unique plants. Seeds are also available for various types of vegetables and even herbs. All colours and types of pebbles are also available to completely personalize any garden, along with pots and other accessories.

Whether you are looking for plants or the right supplies to take care of your garden, you can find it all at Nursery Live.


You can find many NurseryLive coupons through Right now, our exclusive NurseryLive promo codes offer up to 20% off on some products. Using this deal, customers can save big on growing and maintaining their gardens. These offers can help offset the cost of plants, seeds, and other materials for those who need the savings.

Shopping for plants and other gardening supplies can get expensive, so get your NurseryLive discount codes now and start shopping!

Why Use Promotional Coupons?

When buying plants, seeds, and fertilizer from traditional stores, customers may be paying a premium for it. Gardening can get costly, so if you are purchasing a large amount or buying often, you should save as much as possible.

Promotional codes and discounts can help customers save tons when shopping for their plants, and even more when shopping for certain items. The best offer going on at the website right now is to save 20% on their wide variety of plants, seeds, pebbles, and more. These big discounts come often and help those who love plants and gardens at a good price.

Before you go shopping to update your garden, check 7 to get your NurseryLive offers and save the maximum amount!

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Through, customers can find amazing deals on plants, seeds, pots, and more. But our website is also useful for many more brands and stores for a variety of customers. So the next time you go shopping, check 7Coupons first to save cash!


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