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Store Summary:

Nearbuy... Welcome to possibly India’s biggest very own “Hyperlocal” store. Hyperlocal stores are the ones that bring you deals and offers from a store near to you. The store that is situated physically in your area or is close to your location wherein you can travel at ease and grab the discount or deal for the products/service you are planning to buy. So you can consider this as your city’s local store listing a deal so as to reach you conveniently and you being able to grab it at ease. Now that’s all in short about the term hyperlocal store.

How Works

It was initially Groupon in India. Groupon is an International e-commerce store operating in multiple countries, bringing deals and discounts from different local stores all over the states of the country to the country it’s operating in. After a Business strategy and management restructuring in August 2015, Groupon’s Indian subsidiary became an Independent entity renamed to what we know as “Nearbuy”. Groupon is now a minority shareholder in this website venture. It has its headquarters in Gurgaon - NCR region Of Delhi. Ankur Warikoo is the CEO of the website and also one of the co-founders along with Sumeet Kapur, Snehesh Mitra, Sachin Kapur ,Ankur Sarawagi and Ravi Shankar.

In August 2013 when Groupon was planning for an exit, Sequoia India, an investment firm invested close to 100 crores and bought a majority stake in the entity, thus carving a path for the establishment of a new organization. Hence, Nearbuy was born.  As per Ankur Warikoo the website was named was sp because of the very meaning of the word which is equivalent of Near + Buy. Near, is close to you and buy is for shopping / purchasing. It has a presence in 35+ cities with over 50000 merchants registered.


As on the very first note, we told you that Nearbuy is a website that hosts all the deals/coupon codes or discount vouchers, Hence it’s quite understood that it will scrounge each and every product category on earth that can be sold and has offer or discount listed on it. Below we have listed the category heads that are listed on their website below the tab named as “Around You”.

  • Food & Drink Deals
  • Spa Coupons & Massage Coupons
  • Beauty Salon Deals
  • Health & Wellness Coupons
  • Activity Coupons
  • Personal, Home & Auto Promotional Offers
  • In Store Deals
  • Deals on Gym and Fitness
  • Movies & Events Promos
  • Hobbies & Learning Offers

These category heads cover products and services such as Fast Food, Clubs & Bars, Dinner, Body Massage, Ayurvedic Massage,Dental Care, Preventive Check Up, Outing, Adventure, Auto Services, Home Services, Fashion, Kid Stores, Groceries, Home & Appliances, Gym, Zumba, Learning, Hobbies Etc etc….The list is very very long we assure you. Just have a look on the website and you will understand. Also, when you visit the site, you will see a two or three-digit number listed in bracket besides to the category head denoting the total number of deals listed in there. We reiterate, the number of offers is indeed huge when you start traversing through them individually.

You also see a tab dedicated separately to “Hotels” category adjacent to “Around you”. We went on to have a look the number of offers listed in this category and we saw a mind boggling 1400+ deals listed at the time of our visit. This directly means Nearbuy has so many local offers from all over the states and multiple cities of India. That’s indeed a ginormous collection of offers and deals.

They are available on Mobile App as well. So you get all the coupons and deals on your mobile itself. Based on your preference and location you are in the app will automatically show you offers nearby to you thus completely enhancing your shopping experience.

Payments Method Accepted:

As since Nearbuy is a Coupon and offers website hence it understands a customer’s capability and requirement very well. Any and all methods of online payment from all the major banks are accepted.

Cancellation / Exchange / Returns Policy:

You can contact the customer care team on the below-mentioned contact channels at given timings.

“Nearbuy Promise”:

Every Voucher or Coupon that you grab on, comes with a unique Nearbuy Promise. Let’s say the deal expired before redemption date or there was a price change in the deal and you did not get what you were promised or the deal was not up to the mark or you simply want to change or cancel the deal then, All you need to do is get in touch with the customer service team and they will get the things sorted out for you in no matter of time and if required process a  “No-questions-asked” reversal of the amount you spent.

Nearbuy Promise

Product Delivery Times:

Well since It is an Online Voucher and deals website, you get all the offer and coupons that you have purchased directly into your registered Email account. So it’s a Hassle free Instant Coupon Purchase!!


Starting in 2010, Separating from Parent Brand Groupon in 2015, going through rough phases of management and brand name changes, Groupon changed strategy and started focussing more on areas such as auto repair services, laundry, home cleaning, Housekeeping Etc. All this while keeping a constant bank of coupon and deals in Hotels, Restaurants, Spa and Saloons, Movie theaters etc. Continuous efforts and Improvements in bringing the best from the rest for it “Customers” and following a good marketing and advertising strategy has bought Nearbuy to a leading position in coupon and deals Industry in India.


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