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Travelling can be an exciting adventure, regardless of whether it is for business or leisure. However, in the excitement of planning for your trip, it is important that you plan for transportation as well so that you don’t end up getting stranded between destinations. To make transportation as convenient and simple as possible, so that you can spend less time tracking down a taxi and more time enjoying your travels, MyTaxiIndia offers their hassle-free online taxi booking service.

With MyTaxiIndia, you can plan your transportation ahead of time, by booking a taxi in advance so that it is one less thing to worry about during your journey. At 7Coupons.IN we strive to help our travel planners even more, by offering high-valued coupons so that you can save on your transportation, and invest it in having fun during your trip.

Don’t Hit a Bump in the Road While Travelling, Hire MyTaxiIndia

Whether you are going on a family vacation, a business trip, or any other type of voyage, having reliable transportation is a must in order to ensure a smooth experience. My Taxi India makes getting to your destination as easy as possible, with an impressive fleet of taxi drivers that service over 120+ cities throughout India. Their online booking tool allows you to put in all of your travel information so that a taxi will be waiting to pick you up and drop you off as needed.

In addition to their standard taxi cabs, they also offers tax tours of some of India’s most popular vacation spots, landmarks, and tourist destinations. This allows you to view beautiful sights from the comfort of your coach, jump out of the cab to do some exploration, and then hop back in and head off to the next spot on your bucket list.

Spend Less, Travel More!

When you book a cab using our MyTaxiIndia coupons, you can minimise your travel expenses by taking advantage of the latest savings. This means more room in your budget for unexpected expenses, souvenirs, and activities, or, for the true wanderlust-ers out there, more traveling!

All of our coupons are free and are updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest savings and offers. We are constantly adding new vouchers as they become available, offering discounts, cashback rewards, special pricing, and other deals on things like holiday packages, taxi tours, and regular bookings.

People often say traveling is good for the soul, and while we agree with that motto, we also believe saving money is good too! If you have a trip that you are planning for, why spend more money on transportation than you have to? Browse our money-saving coupons today to find a voucher that will allow you to get to your destination at a fraction of the regular rate.

Our coupons are easy to redeem, simply click on your desired voucher and you will be redirected to the My Taxi India website where your savings will be applied.


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