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MyGlamm is an Indian makeup brand that has gone global, backed by big-name European beauty businesses. From labs in Italy and Germany to your home, the company's makeup is made to be multi-functional and 100% cruelty-free. PETA has ensured that none of the items is tested on animals.

All products are made so that you can easily carry them in your purse or glamour bag. 

MyGlamm’s mission is to provide you with easy-to-use makeup that makes putting on your face every morning is quick and simple.


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Product Categories

Need a new contouring kit? Maybe you're searching for a concealer with primer inside it? How about some amazing eye sparkle for your next event? Whatever you are looking for, MyGlamm specializes in multi-use makeup products.

The company has its own line of beauty essentials, along with unique collections either curated by designers or teams. For the makeup base, MyGlamm sells everything from primer to blush to bronzer and all the steps in-between. The company is a one-stop-shop for everything cosmetics and beauty related.

Whether you're a matte or gloss fan, there's a collection for you. Customers can buy face masks, makeup brushes, and product combo kits. Face, eye, and lip chalks are also available. MyGlamm also has nail tools and a plethora of colours to choose from. It’s easy to spend a lot when buying new makeup, which is where 7Coupons steps in to help!

MyGlamm Offers

You don't want to miss the MyGlamm coupons that are currently available on the 7Coupons website!

For all the nail art fans out there, MyGlamm offers a Free Gel Finish Enamel Duo set with every purchase of 1000 Rupees or more. If you're looking for a new cream, you can get 15% OFF the Total Makeover FF Cream from the company. Finally, if you purchase any two of the K.Play flavoured lipsticks listed on the landing page, you get a third free. 

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