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Monginis - That is the name that we all have always associated with our Birthdays and all other celebrations. No party is complete without a yummy Chocolate Cake from Monginis. A heart-shaped cake for Anniversary Celebration, a Cartoon Character-shaped cake for your kid's birthday, a huge pineapple or strawberry flavored cake that everyone at your office loves. You name it, they have it.

Here are some exclusive monginis coupons for Jul 2021. All coupons are applicable on cakes and flowers delivery. Use them and avail super discounts on your orders. Now you don't have an excuse for not wishing your friend on his/her birthday. Use these coupons and wish a beautiful and tasty birthday.

Want a monginis coupon for something other than cake or flower? Do let us know and we'll try and arrange one for you! Enjoy.


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