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Micromax: One of India’s Top Smartphone Companies

Smartphones and other mobile devices seem to be an integral part of our daily lives, giving us the power to search the web, connect with friends, and communicate with the world. In India, Micromax has grown as a company and established itself as a leader in the industry, selling top quality smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics.


With over 2.3 million mobile device sales every month the company has proven to be a massive success by offering some of the latest technologies that consumers are craving for. In fact, recent studies show that they have become the second leading smartphone company in India and the 10th leading company in the world.

Micromax makes it Easy to Choose the Right Smart Phone for You

Their website makes it as easy as possible to find the perfect smartphone for you, even allowing you to choose between different search setting like “best camera”, “HD display”, “long battery”, “dual sim”, and more. They also offer “phablets” for cell phone users who are looking for devices with maximized screens, and their “featured phones” which offer some of the latest technologies.

Micromax Laptops, Tablets, TVs, and More!

They also house some of the smartest laptops and tablets, which give you both power and mobility. Their lapbook and laptab laptops are popular choices, along with their Neo, Alpha, and Ignite models. Whether you are looking for a mobile device to take to work or school or use for gaming, they do offer a wide selection of products to you. For those looking for even more mobility, the company also offers a wide selection of some of the best Android tablets in India, including various Canvas Tabs.

Lastly, Micromax also supplies a wide selection of LED TVs and other electronics, such as monitors, data cards, air conditioners, and more.

The Smartest Way to Save on Smart Phones and Other Electronics

Buying a new smartphone, laptop or other electronic gadget is an exciting investment, but it can be a costly one if you do not take advantage of possible savings. Online shopping has given consumers the unparalleled power to compare prices and shop at their leisure, but when you buy your products of this company online through 7Coupons.IN, the virtual convenience is also matched with unbeatable savings. Using our high-valued Micromax coupons is the smartest way to shop for all your smart devices, and save money in the process.

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If you are in the market for a new electronic, don’t get stuck paying retail prices when you could shop smarter and save money instead. Take pride in shopping smart, and use one of our coupons today!


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