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Saving on Lemon Tree Hotels

If you’re a traveller looking for somewhere to lay your hat down, look no further than the Lemon Tree Hotel. They are the fastest growing chain in India and offer high-quality accommodations for both business and leisure. Currently, there are 40 hotels a part of this chain spanning across 23 different cities which they plan to expand to 60 hotels across 40 major cities in India by 2019. This company doesn’t seem to be slowing down and through the Lemon Tree name three different hotel brands have emerged:

  • Red Fox Hotels-economy
  • Lemon Tree Hotels-midscale
  • Lemon Tree Premier-upscale

The Lemon Tree Family offers these three brands to meet the needs of their guests from all walks of life. Each brand stays true to the fresh and youthful spirit of the chain while offering their guests unique experiences based on the hotel they choose to stay in.

The Lemon Tree Experience

Each hotel in the Lemon Tree brand offers unique features. Lemon Tree Premier, offers their guests lavish and spacious interiors and high-class restaurants, services, and premium amenities. A Lemon Tree Premier guest is a guest that doesn’t mind being pampered during their stay. The Lemon Tree Hotel brand gives a home away from home feel that assists in helping guests unwind. The Red Fox Hotel is the company’s economy chain. Giving that same close-to-home feel while providing the basic amenities and some not-so-basic features like the Clever Fox Cafe all available for a peaceful stay. And with Lemon Tree special offers available on the 7Coupons.IN site, a stay at any of these hotels could become a lot more fun with how much you’ll save.

Lemon Tree Hotels

We have excellent offers that will make any stay at a Lemon Tree hotel a much more pleasant experience when you think of how much you saved. All you would have to do is click on one the vouchers for Lemon Tree on this page and you can start saving instantly. There are coupons offer savings of up to 20% off Lemon Tree purchases. The coupons are free to use and will have you saving on your next Lemon Tree stay.

Saving Big on Lemon Tree

We all will travel sometimes. Whether to conduct some business in the next town or getting away for fun we need a place to close our eyes when we’re away from home. That’s why staying in one of the Lemon Tree hotels is a no-brainer. They offer more than just a cozy, at-home feel. They also offer amenities that you can’t find in your home which makes them that much better. With so much being offered by every hotel in the Lemon Tree family, this award-winning chain is the obvious choice. However, saving on the hotel is always helpful to a traveler and can boost any trip. So, before you with Lemon Tree, make sure to check out the this page to see how much you can save on your next trip.


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