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The Traveller’s Choice SIM Card


Jaxtr is the leading choice for travellers who need a SIM card going abroad. Jaxtr paves the way for users who are stuck with the issue of travelling internationally and needing to equip their phones properly so they can keep in contact with their family, friends, and co-workers easily. It provides unhindered performance from their already working mobile phones, allowing them to not purchase a new phone or plan for outside their origin country. Whether you’re travelling to the United States, the UK, Europe, Canada or Mexico, Jaxtr can provide you with the assistance necessary to sustain affordable prices on all calls and text messages less than many competitors. The only downside is the lack of coupons on select SIM card replacements through Jaxtr, as the ones available do not offer any substantial. Thankfully, through 7Coupons.IN, you can begin saving loads more than found elsewhere online.

New Way to Save

Ours is the premier discount service for all SIM products purchased through Jaxtr. Significantly decrease the amount of money you spent on most of your purchases through Jaxtr, making any SIM card variant cheap and affordable over the standard pricing. We make it simple for you to start saving money quickly, as there’s no sign-up or commitment necessary. Just simply find, click and then start saving instantly. Memberships and clubs are a thing of the past, because, with coupons, everyone can save immediately without any hoops or hindrances in the way for qualification.

Quality Discounts

Using our website makes it simple, saving you time and effort not having to hassle with other online coupon vendors. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, putting our services first and foremost so every customer can benefit without issue. We have been able to obtain significant deals using incredible coupon codes for all of our Jaxtr purchases. All other discounts you might find on other sites won’t be able to give you nearly as significant of a discount as what you could find through our website. We offer an excellent service, providing the knowledge and versatility necessary to narrow down the discounts you want within minutes! Never has there been a better time to start cashing in on their amazing offers, and it’s as easy as one click. Simply log onto their homepage, find the deals you need, and click to save!

Deals All Around

Jaxtr is the leading provider of international SIM cards, supplying those in dire need to continue use of their mobile devices outside the country. They make it simple and affordable to call and text abroad, allowing anyone to not have to pay the expensive international roaming charges. And, through 7Coupons.IN, this convenient product can become even cheaper, as we’ve have seen many offers that have significantly lessened our Jaxtr SIM purchases. Come see the difference we can make for you today! Be sure to check back regularly for updated offers!


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