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Store Summary

Disney+ Hotstar is an online streaming service provided by Novi Digital Entertainment, an offshoot of Disney's Star India.

The service features two tiers. The VIP tier provides domestic programs and sporting events, while the Premium tier includes international content. Content from American providers like HBO and Showtime is included in the Premium tier.

If you are really looking to save some money, then you should know that there is also a free, ad-based version of the service. However, this version includes the least functionality, only offering select Indian films and the Star series following its live broadcast.

Disney+ Hotstar currently hosts over 300 million active users. It began as a streaming service known only as Hotstar, but when Disney bought its parent company, the platform took on the hybrid name of Disney+ Hotstar. This acquisition also brought a lot more options to the platform that was already hugely popular. 


Product Categories

Disney+ Hotstar provides the best of Disney+ with tons of local Indian content, as well. Once you get your subscription set up, you can expect to enjoy the following genres of programming.

  • Live News

  • Sports

  • Kids and Teens

  • Fitness

  • Mythology

  • Drama

  • Reality

  • Romance

  • Family

  • Action

  • Crime

  • Thriller

  • Comedy

  • Biopic

  • Documentary

  • Travel

  • Science 

  • Talk Show

  • Wildlife 

hotstar coupons

With so many different types of programming to choose from, you are bound to find something that interests and entertains you. 



7coupons provides deals to help you get both tiers of Disney+ Hotstar at excellent prices.

One deal allows you to get the Premium pack for just 1499 per year, while another offering will get you the VIP pack for a mere 399 rupees per year.

If those deals don’t excite you, then keep checking back for new options that are added regularly.

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The recurring costs of subscription services can add up over time, so it is essential to try to get the best deal you can. Otherwise, you will be paying a high price throughout the entire time you want to use it.


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