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Now, the Himalaya brand is synonymous with efficacious and safe herbal products. Starting operations in Dehradun in the 1930s, the firm spread its wings across the country. In 1975, an innovative production facility was set up by the firm in Makali, Bangalore, India. The firm relocated its R&D facility to Bangalore in 1991.

They operate in over 90 nations. 400,000 doctors worldwide, prescribes Himalaya products. Customers trust it for their healthcare and personal use.

It shares a close relationship with its users, with a history spanning eight decades in the area of herbal research. They have been a company which not only safeguards the health of people and encouraging good health but also take care of planet by implementing “Environment-Friendly” Manufacturing centers which do not pollute the surroundings. Since their beginning, They've taken great care to gather herbs in a sustainable way, to protect biodiversity and encourage good agricultural practices.

Vission and Mission

Himalaya believes true beauty comes from the inside, your heart. Its products are made with care and love. They add latest Techno-Medical expertise to create successful products which are excellent to use and utilize the abilities of artisan farmers for cultivation of herbs and medicinal plants. It believes in treating its customers in a very gentle manner. They constantly evaluate their manufacturing processes, products for quality and environment-friendliness and thus, strive to keep our planet and it’s people safe and healthy by offering natural products. When you shop with Himalaya, you happen to be selecting the best indeed.


The reason to why Himalaya offers such “Great Quality” Products at low costs is because it has automated the entire order process. They're also reachable 24 hours seven days weekly, daily, via e-mail and by chat to answer questions and solve problems with your order. Naturally, nobody's perfect, Hence they do their best to take care of “Issues” quickly, courteously and efficiently -- This is what customers deserve!

Truthful Customer Product Reviews

Unlike retailers that show third party reviews, Himalaya customers write their own reviews. To be able to write a review, you need to have purchased the merchandise from Himalaya. What this means is you receive frank and truthful reviews, thus assisting you to make a buying decision that is more intelligent and reliable.

Safe Payment

The Himalayan merchandise costs listed on their website are latest, yet these are subject to change with no previous notice. All orders are recognized at the present pricing. All products are liable to and inclusive of VAT. In addition, it accepts Internet banking payment of chosen Banks of India and Visa / Master Debit/Credit Cards. A complete list can be found at the time of check out. COD payment facility is exclusively accessible to selected region/places as defined by the Himalaya Shop India. Therefore, based on your selection of products and your place, COD alternative might or might not be accessible to you.

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