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Store Summary

Henry and Smith revolutionized the men's fashion industry in India and beyond with its stunning chino collection in over thirty colours. The trousers are extremely comfortable and durable and have earned the brand over 30,000 five-star customer reviews - a testament to the quality of its products. When you buy Henry and Smith, you're investing in pants for men that will last years to come.

The brand uses premium sourced, long-staple cotton that gives extra stretch for mobility. The chinos stand out as the highest-rated brand in India. The company also produces its products with no middleman, which means customers get fair pricing with no retail markup.

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Product Categories

Henry and Smith have two main products:


henryandsmith coupons


  • Jeans

  • Chinos

The trouser styles come in a variety of sizes and colours, so every man will find a choice they love. The brand also sells premium combed cotton socks in eye-catching patterns and designs.

The company’s most popular product is certainly its chinos, which come in over thirty colours. Many of the five-star reviews attest to the comfort and style of these pants. They have a stretch wash that provides just enough room for movement as well as a flattering fit.      


You can find verified HenryandSmith discount codes from 7coupons.in year-round! The deals are verified every week and provide special discounts not found on the brand’s official site. Authentic HenryandSmith coupons from 7Coupons bring brand discounts for their highly-rated jeans, chinos, and socks.

Discounts range from 150 rupees off to over 500 rupees off any products! HenryandSmith offers also includes free exchange and returns for all purchases. Other deals include two pairs of chinos or jeans for just 2999 rupees.

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Why Use Promotional Coupons?

A flattering fit of jeans or chinos is a great statement for any man's look. The best chinos and jeans in India certainly come at a cost, but buying pants does not have to be an overwhelming investment. Instead, HenryandSmith discount codes create affordable options for the savvy shopper. Why buy at the retail price when you could use a coupon and save hundreds of dollars?

Plus, it's so easy to use a promo code. When you shop for Henry and Smith menswear, just enter your code at checkout!    

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Henry and Smith bring a colorful and affordable range of pants to the Indian menswear scene. The extensive online shop allows customers to be connected with amazing products at affordable prices.

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