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GreenDust a brand of RLC, offers authentic, high quality, branded products at highly discounted prices backed by the world class guarantee and after sales service. Its buyers are people searching for refurbished products and factory seconds. Since Greendust sources these products directly from the factory and national merchants, they get these items at quite a low cost and hence pass on the same to their customers thereby saving a lot of bucks of their customers. With all these shopping advantages, purchasing Refurbished Factory Seconds from Greendust is a 'Smart Choice'.

Greendust is an emerging electronic e-store in India -- they consistently have a fire for offering top notch electronic appliances. Their love for electronics is the driving force that establishes them as a well-known e-commerce business for quality smart devices, actual fresh factory seconds and refurbished products. They aim to supply electronic appliances and latest gadgets from top brands on the planet at an appealing price.

It offers an extensive variety of electronic appliances, right from fresh, carton damaged, factory-seconds refurbished, and excess produce to new electronic products from the Best Brands across the Globe. It's an emerging eCommerce business company in India. Their primary aim is to ensure exceptional purchasing experience to its customers, provide fast solutions for any concerns raised and to supply customers with best value products for his or her money. Greendust also ensures the delivery of products on time. It's an internet platform where it is possible to “Go Huge on Life” and you need not shell out more money unnecessarily. You can simply use Greendust Coupons from while an item is purchased by you from their website and get unbelievable discounts. These coupons bring down the product cost to an amazing low. They will get you products at Greendust at tremendous monetary reductions. In addition, they allow you to update to most recent gadgets. It's the greatest spot among e-commerce portals to shop electronic equipment. All the goods are sourced by them from reputed brands and you get all the products with brand authority. You're additionally provided with buying guides for some of the electronic equipment on the website. Here products are sold under the categories of Super Bay, Carton Damaged, Excess produced and Refurbished and also carry manufacturer's guarantee. In case you are intending to update your gadgets from this website, you can select a Greendust coupon code from

Giving its customers genuine quality products and the best value with their revolutionary and high-end selection of kitchen and home appliances, they have made a mark on the marketplace that is highly competitive. They stock products stressing on incredible prices and quality and you get all these at great discounts through promo codes and coupons listed on 7coupons.

Returns Policy

In case you want to return a product due to quality issues or for some other reason , all you need to do is approach customer care helpline and they will put a return request so that either you get a replacement of the defective item or refund. Refund procedure might take some time to process once the package is completely returned. The replacement policy is applicable to all of the products sold on this particular website. Replacements/Exchange/Repairs or Refunds will be according to the conditions of guarantee listed at the time of purchase. Greendust also gives free shipping all over India however it doesn't deliver things worldwide.

Discounts on Greendust

Offers on Greendust are of following types:

  • Regular monthly offers - These are more of product based coupons.
  • Exclusive coupons procured by
  • Festive deals.

All this together can create a great shopping experience for you.

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