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One of the newer entrants in cab market, Gozocabs.com is a fast growing cab aggregation service. Using this website you may easily book cabs in just five steps. Some of the main reasons why you should be booking via Gozo on your next trip are:

  1. Unlike many others, Gozo cabs offers one-way trip, so you don’t have to pay for the round-trip charges.

  2. It is crystal clear in its pricing. With no hidden charges you can plan your trip budgets well in advance.

  3. Gozocabs.com has 24x7 helpline. So with all those doubts and questions in your mind, you have someone to reach out to. Pre-booking queries or problems while in trip, they are easily approachable.

  4. Bookings made on Gozocabs.com are easy to cancel and claim refund for.

All of this makes GozoCabs India’s leader in inter-city taxi travel – ensuring safe, reliable and cost-effective taxis.

GozoCabs Promo Codes

7Coupons.IN hosts exclusive and exhaustive list of promo codes for GozoCabs. Some of the ongoing coupons are as below:

GozoCabs Promo Codes
Discount Value Valid On Code Maximum Discount
20% Off Inter-City Cab Rides 7C1500 ₹1500
7% Off Outstation Rides 7C700 ₹700
10% Off Cab Rides (New Users) 7C500 ₹500

Our take on GozoCabs

Taxi rates and city coverage of GozoCabs looks promising. Also testimonials on website clearly show that they work with polite and well behaved drivers. So whether its about the booking experience, discount coupons or actual trip, Gozocabs is definitely making in roads in cab market. This is exactly why we at 7Coupons.IN too have a direct contact with them and we keep following them for more and better discount promo codes. Our collection of coupons is sure to make your taxi journey the cheapest in its league.


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