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Chocolates Offer
Starting at just ₹249
  • Valid Till : 31st March 2021
Birthday Gifts
Starting at just ₹549
  • Valid Till : 31st March 2021
Anniversary Gifts
Starting at just ₹399
  • Valid Till : 31st March 2021

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Flaberry CouponsFlaberry

If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion or special person in your life, Flaberry is a one stop shop for beautiful flower arrangements, delicious sweets, and thoughtful gifts. Flaberry items are all about celebrating and sharing happiness, and with our outstanding coupons, you can purchase the perfect gifts to do just that without exceeding your budget.

Known primarily for their flower shop, each of Flaberry’s beautifully curated bouquets are handpicked to ensure freshness and vibrancy, and can be ordered online or through their mobile app and delivered throughout India on demand.  

With Flaberry, picking out the right bouquet, cake, or gift has never been easier because they sort all their products by occasion. Some of their most popular categories include gifts for:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Congratulations
  • Love and romance
  • Newborn baby
  • Get well soon and more!

Flaberry flowers are especially praised for their beauty and longevity. Their signature collection features various stunning and beautifully wrapped bouquets that are certain to make a statement. For those looking for romantic flowers to give to a loved one, Flaberry also offers flowers that are specifically designed with a little extra love in mind. For example, their floral baskets and heart roses are popular choices amongst repeat customers. Regardless of the occasion you are shopping for, Flaberry is certain to offer flowers to match.

In addition to their many beautiful curated bouquets, you can also order a custom vase for a truly personalised gift. Some of their most popular flower varieties include:

  1. Roses
  2. Carnations
  3. Lilies
  4. Gerberas
  5. Orchids
  6. Anthuriums
  7. Tulips

For those looking for an even more unique arrangement, they also offer several exotic flowers including:

  • Peonies
  • Irises
  • Calla Lilies
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Hydrangeas 

Besides their outstanding flowers, Flaberry is also known for their delicious sweets and cakes that come in a variety of designs and flavours to fit your taste and occasion. From their heart shaped black forest cake, to their princess birthday cake, and everything in between, a Flaberry cake is one of the sweetest gifts you can give. 

For those who are looking for the best of both worlds, Flaberry’s unique chocolate bouquets combine chocolates and flowers to create the ultimate gift. 

Money Saving Coupons on Flaberry flowers, cakes, and more! 

At 7Coupons we offer outstanding discounts on Flaberry items for shoppers in multiple cities throughout India—sometimes even over 50% off! If you are always paying retail prices, gift expenses can add up over time, especially when it comes to flowers since they have a limited lifespan and then they will need to be replaced. However, surprising your loved one with a beautiful Flaberry bouquet or cake is a priceless feeling which shouldn’t be hindered due to the price tag. 

Fortunately, at 7Coupons we offer unbeatable discounts on Flaberry products so that you can wow your loved one and benefit from outstanding savings while you are at it. With our high valued coupons, you may even be able to get twice as many flowers for the same amount of money as the standard retail price. 

With these great savings, ordering flowers, cakes, or gifts has never been sweeter.


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