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Store Summary

Fashor is a glamorous brand that brings you top Indian designs. The company makes it easy to find the perfect outfit. Fashor sells complete kurta sets as well as individual pieces so that you can shine on your terms.

Plus, Fashor brings you great looks at every budget, offering both premium sets and pieces under 1000 rupees. Feel good no matter what you choose! You’re guaranteed a great fit when you wear Fashor with confidence.

Product Categories

Fashor offers a variety of reasonably priced ready to wear styles that blend Eastern and Western fashion styles.

Browse the website with the following categories: 

  • New Arrivals

  • Indo-Western

  • Kurta Sets

  • Bottom Wear

  • Premium Styles

  • Hot Sellers

  • Under 1000 Store

  • Offer Zone

  • Wholesale

  • All Styles

Select from everything on offer at Fashor with All Styles, or find a complete outfit set with their lovely Kurta Sets. If you're looking for the latest in trends, you can also shop from its Hot Sellers section.

If you run your own store, Fashor's Wholesale section is for you. Here you can buy a high volume of clothing at the best prices, so you can stock your store with high-quality, stylish goods. Use our exclusive 7Coupons offers to save even more!


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fashor coupons


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We're currently offering deals on Fashor that include:

  • Up to 34% off Kurta for women

  • 200 Rs off any purchase

  • 32% off premium wear for women 

  • 35% on women's designer apparel

  • Kurta sets starting at 799 Rs

Need to update your wardrobe? Now is your chance! Make use of our amazing Fashor offers today, and keep checking back for new deals!

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