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ICSE DVD's For 6 To 12 Std
Starting at just ₹599
  • Valid Till : 31st August 2021
State Board DVD's
Starting at just ₹599
  • Valid Till : 31st August 2021

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Deals for Discounts at Edurite

Edurite is a retail service that sells a wide range of self-placed learning CDs, called EduriteScoreMore, that contains content based on a cognitive learning approach. Their vision is to help students with easy understanding and long-term retention of complex concepts. They provide learning materials for all ages, and even English CD packages for those seeking to improve their English.

Unlike other learning material companies, that rip you off for confusing and difficult learning programs that prevent any progress, Edurite strives to fulfill educational needs across a spectrum of individuals using their reliable experience and technology. Their mission is to provide start to finish education solutions in the K-12 segment, become a leader in the education services field, create comprehensive educational content that can be delivered through innovative mechanisms, and to be a vehicle of change so it allows education to reach the underprivileged learners. Edurite can be recognized as a part Pearson, the world's leading learning company. Edurite branches from an international media company that has global leading businesses in education, business information, and consumer publishing. These successful and helpful programs educate more than 100 million people worldwide.

Enhance and Strengthen Your Learning Capabilities using 7Coupons.IN


7Coupons cares about your success, whether that’s in education, or helping you achieve any goals you might have. With our Edurite coupons, we are happy to help you increase your mental capacity and learning skills, by pairing you with the best educational service in the world. With 7Coupons you can get vouchers to save on ICSE DVD’s for 6 to 12 STD, CBSE online courses for 8,9,10,11 & 12, and State Board DVDs. By simply clicking ‘Use This Coupon’ and shop away! Purchasing the best learning course has never been so easy.

What Edurite Offers

As a big global learning company, Edurite helps in many areas of learning. The CD-based learning materials are proven to help best with cognitive growth. They strongly believe it is the most effective approach to learning by providing effective visual aid, and worksheets to provide extra learning materials.

Here’s a glimpse of what Edurite offers:

  • CBSE Online Courses
  • USB
  • Worksheets for LKG-5th
  • English Learning
  • Hindi Learning
  • State Boards
  • ScoreMore CDs
  • Classes for LKG/KG 1, UKG/KG 2 and classes 1-12

The learning DVDs contains interactive multimedia, and an array of rich animations, videos, activities, and quizzes. Through Edurite you will make learning more fun, and when learning is fun you learn easier. Parents around the world are investing in these helpful learning programs to help their children gain a better learning experience in school or to expand their capabilities to go above and beyond in class. But it’s not just for kids! Let Edurite guide you through all classes.

7Coupons.IN for Your Learning and Cognitive Growth

We pride ourself on providing you with the best companies out there, with deals and coupons for your use and enjoyment. We choose Edurite for being the world’s best assisted learning company because they deliver effective self-paced learning tools to help the cognitive learning approach. Learn more with 7Coupons.IN today!


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