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Valid on Online Business Courses
  • Valid Till : 31st August 2021
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  • Valid Till : 31st August 2021
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  • Valid Till : 31st August 2021

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Coupons for a High-Quality Education

EduKart is named India’s leading education marketplace that offers you a platform to enroll from 2500+ courses in degree, certificate, diploma, entrance coaching and K12 categories. They value education and believe everyone deserves a high-quality learning experience that will benefit you in the future. School and certifications can be expensive and you’re not always given the quality of education you’re promised.

Other online education programs do not offer nearly as many courses as EduKart and can promise the best value and full confidence in all their courses. EduKart is a venture of Education Valley, which is supported by investments from pristine professionals and investors. It creates and delivers quality skill enhancement courses, post-graduate certificates, and international programs through the self-paced education service,, and college instructor-led courses. However, EduKart does not give placements guarantee, but provides a certificate with employment rating, and has connections with leading placement portals. To ensure quality education, EduKart offers course previews and provides students a Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with a specific course.

7Coupons.IN Supports a Higher Learning Experience!

With us, you can save money on your future, by offering EduKart coupons. Business degrees are one the most selected courses, offering you a broad spectrum of job opportunities. Law degrees are in a way similar, but way more expensive. That’s why 7Coupons.IN offers education-seekers vouchers for business and law courses. And for any student studying anything else, 7Coupons offers a cash back voucher to help you achieve and afford desired educations.

Your Go-To Education Marketplace

EduKart is lead by a team that is immensely passionate about providing high-quality education and guarantees to make a difference in the lives of people who aspire to go farther in life. EduKart prides themselves on offering the best degrees such as MBA, PGDM, E-MBA, BBA, BCA, BA, BCom, MCA, and MScIT. However, they also take pride in their top certificates:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Big Data
  • Finance
  • Programming Languages
  • Microsoft Courses
  • Adobe Courses
  • Law
  • Project Management


EduKart even delivers preparatory courses for AIPMT, IIT JEE, IAS, CAT entrance exams and many more services. Their secret to success is by striving to provide every education seeker with choice, convenience, and credibility. They provide a choice to choose from 2500+ degrees, diplomas, certificates, entrance coaching, and school education courses from leading course providers. Convenience is EduKart’s purpose, to deliver learning experiences right to you, to help you make an informed career decision. Lastly, more than 100 leading Indian and International course providers accredit EduKart.

Start Your Future Right with 7Coupons.IN

There is nothing like starting off or finishing a certification, degree, or course by saving money. Coupons gives you the opportunity to save with EduKart to use on another course, or further your learning horizons. In addition, EduKart provides students their study materials from credible institutes. If you don’t start today, you might never know what you could have achieved. See what we offer to help you gain a better education today!


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