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The New World of Saving:

We at 7Coupons.IN understand the feeling of spending money and not gaining anything but an empty wallet. Most loyalty programs only let clients collect points within a specific merchant. At EasyRewardz, they allow members to gain coupon codes, vouchers, discounts and promo codes and use them on anything their members desire from travel to clothes, to electronics.

Save up to 20% on a Plethora of things while earning more

EasyRewardz is an awesome company to buy from because their loyal services fill customers wallets back up with fantastic deals! This loyalty program allows members to manage and track their loyalty balances across hotels, airlines, and shopping programs all from a single dashboard. EasyRewardz is India’s first social collaborative rewards marketplace, where members can cash spend on Easyrewardz or within the Easy network and provides members easypoints. Easypoints are eligible to be redeemed by themselves, by cash rewards, or in the Easyrewardz marketplace, and additionally in the Easy network of merchants.


Save on Your Favorite Departments

With our EasyRewardz coupons, you can get even more discounts on their products, as they credit themselves as an eco-system where everyone is rewarded when shopping with them. You can save using their rewards on a massive variety of options on easyrewardz.com. Their department offers deals on jewelry, electronics, apparels, shoes, kids, fragrances, home and kitchen, and watches. Member’s favorites include:

  • Adidas
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Bath & Body Works
  • American Tourister
  • Clifton
  • AVA
  • Emporio Armani

7Coupons.IN can also save you money on traveling. Flying full price is overrated, with Easyrewardz their members collect Easypoints to fly more affordable domestically.

Start Saving Today

Before using your 7Coupons voucher, EasyRewardz provides an easy and fast way to start your loyalty program today. Go online at www.easyrewardz.com and sign up for free! That’s right, you can start earning rewards with no costs. By using a mobile number as the EasyID, they allow members to access a plethora of reward choices and from favorite locations that use EasyRewardz. If you’re a first-time program member, we understand some of this can still seem confusing. So here is how EasyRewardz works; Easypoint is a de-facto reward currency of EasyRewardz, where members earn easypoints for every 100 spent. Members can only earn easypoints by shopping at www.easyrewardz.com, or across their merchant network. The best part about using this coupon is that you do not need a minimum of Easypoints to start spending!

Save Even More!

7Coupons.IN is proud to provide shoppers an alternate way to earn even more coupons and rewards- Yes, it’s true! Through EasyRewardz, signing up as a new member will earn you 250 perks. Also, by inviting your friends to EasyRewardz you will multiply rewards as you go. With just inviting five friends you earn 1250 perks, and inviting 10 friends you earn 2500 perks and so on!

7Coupons.IN Helps Put Money Back into Your Wallet

We care about giving you the best possible deals out there. We understand life is not cheap, that is why we are here to help you save in every area of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Start saving with us today!


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