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Reliable Rides on Your Schedule

In the past, it seemed like the model with which we found taxis one impervious to change. Hoping luck would be with you as you scan the streets for a taxi, and then hoping that the cab driver would notice your attempt to flag them down, was just part of the process which was regrettably tiresome. Thanks to upgrades in our handheld technology, networking, and the needs of the free market, the system through which we once found cabs has been tremendously improved. There are many apps and sites that come to mind when speaking of upgrades to taxi services, but one of the longest running services that have learned to adjust with the times is EasyCabs.

A New Way to Save

If you’ve had to hail down a rickshaw in India before, you realize just how difficult it can be. The streets are often packed and finding a free cab that’s within a reasonable distance can be a time-consuming process. Often, you’ll wish that there was an easier way to find reliable, affordable transportation when you need it. EasyCabs is that service. Boasting an impressively large fleet and a 100% quality guarantee, EasyCabs was eager to make the tech adoption when it became needed and continues to take pride in their reliability and cutting-edge service.

EasyCabs Coupons Collection

Thanks to the unique and intricate program set up with EasyCabs, we’re able to offer discounts and promotions that no other ride-ferrying service can. Due to their advanced logistics and impressive knowledge of India and its largest cities, EasyCabs can maintain competitive rates throughout their entire region of services. In collaboration with 7Coupons.IN however, they’re now offering an even steeper rate of deals. Already we have 30% off trips from the Bengaluru airport into the city and a discount of ₹1100 just for downloading their free mobile app. No matter your journey or your destination, coupons can help you to save more money using EasyCabs than anyone else.


It Pays to Save

Although EasyCabs has solidified their reputation for being one of the most affordable cab agencies in India, the advantages don’t end with pricing. Thanks to their years in the business and knowledge of the country, they can guarantee several benefits that other companies can’t. A few privileges you’ll gain using EasyCabs include:

  • Well trained chauffeurs
  • New, well-maintained car fleet
  • In car GPS safety features
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Flexible payment options and much more!

A Storehouse of Coupons

As the number of competitor ride-faring services continues to increase, EasyCabs will be sure to maintain their stellar fleet and recognizable customer service to continue to earn your attention and business. EasyCabs is all about saving their customers money, time, and energy, which is part of the reason they’ve joined forces with us here at 7Coupons.IN. Their offers and discounts are always expanding and upgrading. To remain up-to-date with the latest deals that EasyCabs offer, be sure to check out our regularly updated website daily.


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