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About Designdeal

Designdeal has the right products to spice up every corner of your house through its exclusive group of various merchandise. Like pet supplies, furniture, furnishings, lamps & light, kitchen & dining, bathroom, appliances, housekeeping and home décor. For customers, it's like heaven where they are able to investigate several new designs, enlarge their notion of homemaking, assimilate stuff to create something new, and get personalized and customized furniture to fit into their house.

Designdeal focuses on truly being a trendsetter and works around this variable. It is a very user-friendly website, which is neatly arranged into various sections, and it is possible to browse with convenience to choose various décor products. In addition, it offers various ways of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery, etc. It is possible to pay according to your convenience, and it also offers a return policy that is very remarkable.

Designdeal sofa offer

Key stand-outs of Designdeal

Besides being a popular selling destination for furniture, furnishing & house products, there are some value added experiences we get at Designdeal which led to its grand success:

  • Quality test at distinct degrees of products.
  • Learn some furniture care suggestions right on the site.
  • By sending a sample picture to Designdeal, design your own furniture.
  • Customize the furniture size and also polish the furniture depending on the aesthetics of your house.
  • Seek and discover your own house on Designdeal with endless choices.

Best Selling Products at Designdeal

Furniture (wardrobes, shoe racks, cupboards, beds, tables, etc), home décor like clocks, artwork pieces, vase, lights, lamps, crockery are among some of the best-selling furnishing products on Designdeal. Products have the choice of part payment but only for selected pin codes. The popular Designdeal products on contain housekeeping, home décor, kitchen & dining products, furniture, lamps & light.

Cancellation Policy

If You receive a Merchandise that doesn't comply with the specifications you wished for or if you have received a damaged / defective product, call customer service. Notify the firm about the damaged/ faulty merchandise/ service – and get attention within hours of delivery.

Designdeal Discount Codes on has some amazing discounts for you along with Designdeals' sale section. Explore the wonder world at Designdeal, select your favorite products, and assess at for the discount coupons applicable on Designdeal. Use the Designdeal promo code and conserve a little extra while experiencing a fashionable and comfortable shopping for your house. We've attempted to bring discount coupons for the customers and keep on updating our coupons to supply the latest to you every time. Decorate and modernize your palace with's truly worthy and official vouchers.

The coupons are not same when it comes to the savings they offer, the minimum purchase value, kind of products they are able to be used for, the portal sites they are able to be used on etc. Interior of your house represents character and your style. Thus we've brought some budget friendly alternative for you to get classy and to shop at Designdeal. Avail Designdeal coupons and get discounts on a lot of products that actually entices you. Simply use the promo codes and avail discounts that may propel one to purchase more with the price that is saved. We seize prices that are great on the website to ensure you purchase your favourite products at rates that are discounted. By bringing offers which are affordable to everyone we just plan to include style to every house.


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