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Coursera is a virtual learning platform that allows users to pick up a new skill in a few weeks or earn an entire degree in a couple of years. The site has had 63 million learners taking part in over 4,000 courses, 170 projects, and 20-degree programs. 200 of the world's top educational institutions work with Coursera to curate its programming.

Learning through Coursera can be done on a web browser as well as through a mobile device. Using the platform comes with an abundance of technical and academic support to ensure that you have the most pleasant and rewarding experience possible. Using Coursera was designed to be an inclusive experience featuring video subtitles in over 40 languages.

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Once you complete your learning program, you will receive a shareable certificate that you can easily add to your LinkedIn profile and resume. This certificate will allow you to share your accomplishments with your peers as well as your potential employers.


Product Categories 

Coursera is all about learning and offers several different educational avenues depending on how in-depth the learner wants to go into a subject.

  • Courses

  • Guided Projects

  • Specializations

  • Professional Certificates

  • MasterTrack Certificates

  • Online Degrees

If you are wondering what you can learn from Coursera, here are some of the subject matter options you can choose:

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Business

  • Computer Science

  • Data Science

  • Information Technology

  • Health

  • Math and Logic

  • Personal Development

  • Physical Science and Engineering

  • Social Sciences

  • Language Learning

Coursera can open your eyes to a whole new world of learning opportunities. 



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However, just because this investment is essential does not mean that it should use up all your savings!

Using offers from 7coupons will allow you to enhance your education without spending all your money.   


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