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Store Summary

Colorbar is a leading cosmetics, makeup, and beauty brand in India, gaining traction and recognition across the world. The company is proud to offer gender-neutral and cruelty-free makeup and skincare products at premium quality and affordable prices, which has seen them become the third-largest beauty brand in India today.

Come to Colorbar for all things beauty, skincare, and more. You’ll find men’s skincare products alongside makeup, nail care, and anti-ageing solutions. With a wide product range including foundations, eyeshadow palettes, kajal, nail lacquers, lipsticks, makeup brushes, moisturizers, face masks, and much, much more, it’s easy to spend big with Colorbar. That’s why, here at 7Coupons, we work hard to source the best Colorbar coupons to discount your purchase!

Not only do Colorbar offer premium products online, but they also have hundreds of physical locations and stockists across India. The company also runs makeup academies, personalized product engraving, and a referral rewards system. Colorbar is a one-stop-shop for all makeup lovers and artists.

Product Categories

Colorbar’s website covers all categories of makeup and beauty, including:

  • Face

  • Lips

  • Eyes

  • Nails

  • Skin

  • Men’s Range

  • Accessories

  • Brushes

These categories are broken down into several subcategories where customers can easily browse for and find every kind of makeup or skincare item they could need. Check out Colorbar’s website today to find your favourite new product!


Our best current offer for Colorbar is up to 20% discount on any purchase. Simply click on our “Shop Now” button underneath the coupon code to start shopping!


colorbar coupons


Enjoy the discount on a range of products across the site and save money on all your makeup, beauty, and skincare purchases. Imagine how much you could save each year by using 7Coupons discount codes whenever you buy serums, eyeliner, lip gloss, concealer, makeup brushes, and lots more. Don’t shop without our Colorbar promo codes!

Why Use Promotional Coupons?

Are you a regular buyer of new mascaras, lipsticks, face cleansers, and makeup compacts? If so, it makes sense to save money by using 7Coupons discount codes for Colorbar Cosmetics!

Use our Colorbar promo codes today to save up to 20% on your online shopping. And, when you’re done, check out our amazing discount offers on a whole range of other online stores throughout India.

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Save money today with our discounts and Colorbar offers! Using promo codes and coupons when you shop online means you can shop more and get extra items for your cash. Simply use our online discount codes, fill up your shopping bag, and checkout on the store’s website to redeem your codes.

It’s never been easier to save money while shopping online. Search today to find the incredible discounts you can get not only on Colorbar products but from all your favourite stores!


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