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5% Cashback
Valid on Domestic Flights
  • Maximum Cashback : ₹1500
  • Valid Till : 6th August 2020
Upto ₹1500 Cashback
Valid on Domestic Flight
  • Valid Till : 6th August 2020
Free Earn & redeem PAYBACK Points
Valid on Flights and Hotels
  • Valid Till : 6th August 2020
Earn PAYBACK Points
Valid on Flight and Hotel Bookings
  • Valid Till : 10th August 2020
Upto ₹12000 Cashback
Valid on International Flights
  • Valid Till : 6th August 2020
Virign Atlantic Sale:
Special One Way Fares
Starting at just ₹40275
  • Valid Till : 6th August 2020
Upto ₹2500 Off
Valid on International flights
  • Valid Till : 6th August 2020
Domestic One Way Fare
Starting at just ₹2622
  • Valid Till : 7th August 2020
Domestic Two Way Flight
Get it for just ₹5565
  • Valid Till : 7th August 2020


Price Lock is a unique service offered on selected flights by Cleartrip to its members.With this service, by paying a very small non-refundable amount, you can block a flight seat for your upcoming trip which may be let's say a week, a month or after 3 months.

Once you are confirmed about the travel date, you can then go ahead with this blocked seat ticket and book it by paying in full. The most amazing part is you will pay the ticket price that was prevalent at the point of blocking the seat. It means that even if the current price of the ticket is higher as compared to your blocking price, you will be charged the initial price only.

Usually, if you book a ticket and then cancel it due to some reason, you have to pay cancellation or rescheduling charges. But with this price locking feature, you can block a seat for you for a specified time and then book it as per your convenient date before the locking period expires.


Gift Cards

Cleartrip Gift Cards are travel vouchers that can be used on the website for flights and holiday bookings. One can book at any point of time within the validity period and thus gives freedom of travel. You can gift these cards to Family, Friends or to your employees if you are a business owner/corporate company as a sign of appreciation for their hard work.

These make an ideal present for events like Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Diwali celebrations or any other occasion as everybody loves to travel to a fun filled exotic destination.

They come in 2 variants,

  1. Cleartrip Gift Card – Redeemable on Flights, Hotels & Weekend Getaways.
  2. Hotels Gift Card – Redeemable on Hotels & Weekend Getaways.

These cards are available paper and electronic format as well which means you can send them via email as well.

These vouchers can be purchased from and will be sent via mail to purchaser’s address or you can send them to one whom you want to gift.

More Info about cleartrip Coupons, Vouchers and Deals

Now Flights and Hotels bookings are easier with ClearTrip's international and local experience. Oh yes! They are also cheaper when you use 7coupons.IN's voucher codes.

About ClearTrip

ClearTrip is an international travel booking brand and runs some of the best and the most luxurious deals in partnership with international airlines and 5-star hotel brands. This enables it to provide luxurious holiday bookings too at an international level. However when it comes to domestic bookings ClearTrip is facing a tough competition from others. Sighting this ClearTrip has lately started publishing more and more voucher codes. So make use of them to reduce costs and enjoy a longer holiday.

Offers on ClearTrip

The best way to know all ClearTrip discount coupons is to keep visiting this page. Every day we go through ClearTrip newsletters, website pages and secret communications and listings to update the offers and check the validity. It promotes world renowned airlines and hotel chains by regularly creating special secret pages for availing discounts. Some of the regular deal types include '50% off on Singapore hotels', 'Save 21% on Flight + Hotel booking' and '70% discount on Thailand holidays'.

ClearTrip is a global travel company which enters a select country by launching a localized version of the website. It currently has 19 such country-specific e-booking sites. Such international operations have added to a lot of experience on their end and we highly recommend ClearTrip for international holidays, hotels and flights. It currently gives you the option to book from 75,000+ hotels and 3,000+ marvelous holiday activities. Unlike other travel websites, ClearTrip has a lot of exciting, innovative and user friendly features; such as:

  • Consolidated reviews from different travel websites & blogs.
  • Exact location by the use of Google Maps. So that you can plan your trip better.
  • Weather predictions at the time of travel so that you can carry all needful clothing and accessories.
  • Virtual experiencing hotel by 360-degree imaging cameras so that you can be confident of your choice.
  • Regular update of voucher codes for best deals and discounts.

Cleartrip monsoon sale

Why ClearTrip Coupons?

It's the one stop solution to all of your travel queries and the best place to book flights for destinations across the world. Everything is accessible under one roof from planning a trip to making it pleasing. Their promising service caters unbelievable options, superior experience, and suitable booking. You are sure to love an excellent vacation complimented by ClearTrip's tremendous savings. They give you access to lots of offers which are certain to best suit your vacations. Additionally, there is a choice to reserve the next flight and resort right away by simply dropping an e-mail to customer facility or reaching them. With the start of many new features within their web site, users will have the ability to appreciate hassle-free vacations.

With loads to offer to its customer, ClearTrip offers state of artwork booking services for flight, resort accommodations, flights, and hotel accommodations as well as excursion choices across international destinations together with national destinations. Select from airline offering including Indigo, Air Arabia, Qatar Airways, Spicejet, Go Air, Air India and much more.

Now, the word shopping has got two new measurements viz. on-line and saving while shopping. Yes if you are buying services or products particularly travel associated, there's an enormous potential of discounts. Customers can benefit from cash saving offerings and seasonal offers regularly updated at and save just as much as they might love to. Right from cash discounts on bookings on domestic flights, customers can benefit from discounts on international flights, pre-planned holiday packages and national and international resort lodgings. For latest and many promising journey offers, seeing is essential.


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