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BookAdda is India's leading online book-store. It is more into offering discounts through deals and offers than through codes. It regularly comes up with offers and sales on educational and bestselling books.

With the changing times and market demands, has beautifully segregated its own educational book section as Acadzone and learning & school products section as Koolskool. This segregation has made much logical sense and is reported to have been providing great experience to end-users. Further, with the expansion in scope of technology, they even launched an e-book and CD section. All this goes to show that this store is extremely sensitive to market needs and keeps its senses open to know your requirements. Bookadda currently serves only in India.It gives free shipping on shopping above Rs.399 and when the order value is Rs.399 and below then Rs.49 is charged. Local taxes may be levied extra.

Your favorite book collections are now avaliable at dirt cheap prices with our bookadda coupon code collection. Do read the terms and conditions carefully to select the most valuable discount coupon, copy the code use it when you reach the checkout page at BookAdda. In case of discounted deals and offers you do not have to copy-paste anything, the deal is activated in new tab by clicking on 'Use This Coupon' and would directly appear in payment you make.

This online book store keeps on running discounts on various books. Such deals come out during holidays such as Diwali, Eid, Independence Day, Republic Day and others. Such waits for deals is however very tiresome and requires constant following of changes on website and communications in newsletters. Thus 7Coupons.IN voucher collection can be used while shopping at BookAdda. These codes come at no charge and are guaranteed official.


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