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Rakshabandhan Jewellery
Starting at just ₹5166
  • Valid Till : 17th August 2018
Rainforest Jewellery Collection
Starting at just ₹30000
  • Valid Till : 17th August 2018
Grazia Jewellry Collections
Starting at just ₹14609
  • Valid Till : 17th August 2018
Romanisia Jewellery Collection
Starting at just ₹13000
  • Valid Till : 17th August 2018
Sway Jewellery Collection
Starting at just ₹27000
  • Valid Till : 17th August 2018

News about BlueStone Offers

Sparkle Sale on Bluestone

0% making charges plus 20% coupon for bluestone jewellery shopping. Coupons valid till 12th June 2018. Exclusive codes available.

Try Jewelry at Home for Free!!

Yes, you read that right!! Pick your favorite designs, call Bluestone, book an appointment at your convenient time and try jewelry at home for free :). Call them on 1800-419-0066 8am-12 midnight, 7 days a week and grab a sparkling piece for your self.


Earrings have been worn by Women & Men since ages to beautify ears. In India, people do wear them for various health reasons, religious traditions and last but not least, glamorize ears with ornaments just like a necklace or a hand bracelet.Here on Bluestone, you get diff. earring  designs such as, Studs, Drops, Sui Dhaga, Ethnic Jhumkas, Detachables and much more.

You will find earrings for different daily and occasional timelines as well. For eg: Office-wear, Everyday Studs, Party Wear and much more. You will also get Cluster Studs, Geometric Earrings, Floral Earrings etc with lovely designs and awesome prices.


Bracelets redefine the look of an arm be it Men’s or Women’s. They have been worn traditionally throughout centuries. Earlier they we made up from leather, thread strands, animal bone etc. With the rise of metal age iron , silver, gold or mixture of metals etc were used in their making . Nowadays bracelets are worn by women. Diamonds and precious gemstones are elaborately added to enhance the beauty of this ornament. Here on Bluestone you will find Studded, Plain Gold, Office Wear designs of your favourite bracelet.

More Info about BlueStone Coupons, Vouchers and Deals

Store Summary: is one of the India’s leading online jewelry portal. It was founded by Gaurav Singh Kushwaha in the year 2011 with the backing of “ACCEL Partners” and “Amma Capital”. It has an in-house production and design team hence, they are able to sell the Jewellery items at a very competitive rate as compared to the retail market. It claims of having 4000+ unique and beautiful design collection on their store. A very interesting fact is that they do ship these jewelry items Internationally starting July 2013. This has given it a lot of exposure and it’s slowly gaining fame globally. Ratan Tata invested in Bluestone in September 2014. This bought a solid backing to this online jewelery shop and added to the “TRUST” quotient of the website as TATA group is considered one of the most trusted brands in INDIA. houses diamond and gemstone jewelry certified by SGL, IGI, GIA or HKD and Gold items are hallmarked by BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards) which has one of the most stringent grading measures and standards in the whole world. Also a very “Important Fact” about that we would like to highlight about this ecommerce store is that they assure usage of conflict-free diamonds which are obtained from legitimate diamond sources that have been certified through the worldwide recognized Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). This will keep your “Conscience” worry free from the thought of using jewelry items colored red in War.

Bluestone Journey


Coming to the offers given by we would like to tell you that it rarely accepts coupon codes/promotional codes. Most of the offers are non-coupon based i.e. deals. Lets look at the deals that they have given off in the past.

  1. 10% Off With HDFC Credit and Debit cards.
  2. 10% Off With ICICI Credit and Debit cards.
  3. 5X Reward With HDFC Credit Card.
  4. Diwali Offer- 0%Making Charge + Up to 25% off and so on...

HDFC Bank Reward Points Offer

Home Try On:

Home try on is a unique feature. You can try the jewelry Items before buying for free at your place, at a time that's convenient to you. Whoa!

Can you believe, free trial of “Jewellery Items” at your place at your time? This is something truly amazing. All you need to do is fill out a small box with your details as in name, mobile number  and email address. The Customer delight team will call you and fix an appointment so that a jewelry consultant can come to your place and give you live hands on of some designs. E-commerce has come up with Ideas and services that were previously considered a distant Utopian dream or fools gold. But now we see such services at the click of a button. That’s Bluestone Home Try-On service for you.

Product Categories:

It serves the following category of jewelry items on its website:

  • What's New
  • Jewelry
  • Solitaires
  • Collections
  • Gifts
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Offers

The Jewellery category covers products such as rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, gold chain, diamonds, necklaces, nose pins, mangal sutras, gemstone jewelry, gemstones, platinum jewelry, Men and kids jewelry. Gold Coins cover coins by weight such as 1gm, 2gms, 5gms, 10gms, 20gms, 50gms, and by purity i.e 24KT (995). Solitaire has items such as rings, pendants, and earrings.

Collection houses exclusive designer collections from all the jewellery item hosted by this e-jewellery store, as in Ziba by Vinita Michael - Hello Persia Collection, Infinity - Together Forever Collection, English Rosea Touch of the Victorian, Graecia Hammered Gold At Its Best, Harmony Collection - In Good Faith, The Fleur Collection - Pearls And Petals, Sattva - For A Stylish Ever After and various other styles and collection.

Gift category covers items for gifts by Gender (Male/Female), By Occasion as in Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding and also by price.

Next Day delivery has all the items that can be delivered to your doorstep. The only condition is you need to order before 6.30pm in the evening so as to get the item delivered.

Last But not the least, Offer category has items listed according to Discount percentage offer as in 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% along with 0% Making charge Items

Customer Support

They use latest technological machinery for design and manufacturing of their Jewelry items.You get VAT paid Invoices and “Jewellery Certificates” so as to prove the authenticity of the purchased gemstone, gold etc. Also, in case you happen to loose the Jewellery Certificate a duplicate can be taken from Bluestone just for Rs 500. The Duplicate certificate will have copy/duplicate written across the certificate as a watermark.

Payments Method Accepted:

There are multiple methods of payments such as Credit Card & Debit Card, Net Banking and cash on delivery. For international orders, Payments are accepted exclusively via PayPal Only. As per RBI Regulatory Terms in India, one cannot shop Gold and Gold items on credit card EMI hence, the same is not available here.

Customer care & Cancellation/Exchange:

Customer service number is 080-324-00000, working 8 am -12 midnight, 7 days a week. You can also write them to

It offers a 30 day “No Questions asked” Money Back Policy. This gives a customer more than sufficient time to make sure his/her ordered item is perfect. In case you want to return an item for manufacturing defects, improper fit and finish, transit damage or any other reason then you need to call the their customer service and place a return request. You will get a full refund of the item cost you have returned as soon as the product reaches their office. You need to attach all the original certificates and invoices sent along with the product at the time of delivery. When you place a return request, Bluestone sends a “TAMPER PROOF” package to you which has the return address and a unique serial number printed on it. It also has your name and address printed on it. This tamper proof package once sealed is highly secure and can be  “Opened” only if destroyed. Once this return package arrives, all you need to do is securely pack the Jewellery item(s) in the tamper proof package and call the their customer service team to arrange a courier pick up for you, and as soon as the item reaches their office, a Refund or Exchange is processed as per the scenario.

Lifetime Exchange & Buy-Back Policy:

Bluestone offers a “Lifetime Exchange & Buy-Back Policy” on all orders made from their website, within India. If you need to return or exchange an item,you will have to produce all the original certificates associated with the purchase. On successful verification of the product quality and certificates, It will be returned or exchanged (as per your request) for its current market value, with deductions towards making charges. Product’s valuation is done on the basis of the price going on in “Present” time on their website and the specification of the product. Based on the inspection done by their Quality team, the Buy-Back price may be altered depending on the quality reports.

They will “NOT” accept a return of Jewellery Item if it shows signs of alteration, rework done by an external agency. We would urge our readers to have a clear idea on this policy by speaking to their customer care service and understand the terms and conditions in Detail.

Here is the link for Bluestone Return and Exchange policy.

  • If you choose to EXCHANGE a Jewellery item, then the monetary value of the exchanged product will be credited to your BlueStone account with deductions done towards making charge and discount given at the time of purchase of the product.
  • These credits cannot be encashed in physical money and remains valid for 12 months from the time of credit and can be used to purchase anything from their ecommerce portal.
  • If you choose to RETURN a product then 90% of the total product value is refunded after deductions for making charges and discounts.Refund amount is credited back to your bank account within 10 days of receipt of the product.
  • Below is Table shown “As it is” from their website in regards to refund and exchange value.
Category Exchange Value Buy Back Value
Coins 100% 90%
Gold Jewelery 100% 90%
Diamond 100% 90%

For Solitaires the Exchange or Returns Policy changes a bit just in the terms of monetary value. Excluding the monetary value, all the other conditions remain same for Solitaire. Below is a table depicting the amount that you will get as refund or credit depending on the option you choose and the Jewellery Quality and Inspection team reports.

Category Exchange Value Buy Back Value
Solitaire 90% 80%
Solitaire mounts (plain gold) 100% 90%
Solitaire mounts (diamond/gemstone) 100% 90%

Return or Exchange policy is not applicable to orders shipped Internationally as of now.

Product Delivery Times:

BlueStone offers free doorstep delivery on all items within India taking 24 - 48 hrs for items that are in Stock and 10 business days for items that are customized as per your choice or made especially for you. Their products are sent in gift boxes to its customers. For International shipping, charges apply. Charges vary from product to product depending on the country. Hence, it displays shipping cost besides to each Jewellery item on the respective page. Any product that you buy from them is covered under Transit insurance and hence 100% safe. Products are delivered to your doorstep except Sundays and festive holidays.


So now coming to an end of this article, we can easily conclude that with its wide array of jewellery design collection, Home Try On feature which we think is a game-changing feature, “International Shipping”, competitive pricing and Excellent Customer Service team, is definitely taking it ahead of the competition and making it one of the most famous websites among Jewellery shoppers.


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