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30% Discount
Valid on Delicious Biryani
  • Valid Till : 31st March 2021
15% OFF
Valid on Order Of ₹300
  • Valid Till : 31st March 2021
25% Cashback
Valid on All Orders
  • Valid Till : 31st March 2021

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Store Summary

Behrouz has revolutionized the food delivery industry in India with mouth-watering biryanis (and lots more) that can be ordered online and delivered to a variety of locations across the country. Customers in Gurgaon, Pondicherry, Mumbai, Kota, Lucknow, New Delhi, Jaipur, Kochi, and beyond can enjoy a huge range of traditional Indian dishes at home when they order with Behrouz Biryani online.

Behrouz’s company tale is set out in an extravagant story on its website, educating customers about how the founders came to establish the business and develop their exquisite dishes. For the exciting history of Behrouz’s amazing food, check out “The Story” on their website now!

Customers throughout India won’t be disappointed by their Royal Menu. If you’re craving biryani, look no further than Behrouz and place an order.

Product Categories 

Behrouz Biryani offers a wide selection of delicious mains, sweets, and, of course, biryanis to towns and cities all over India.

Food categories on their extensive menu include:

  • Shahi

  • Quick Value Meals

  • Daastan-E-Kebab

  • Kilo Biryani

  • Mehfil-E-Biryani

  • Kebab Koobideh

  • Shirin & Sherbet

  • Biryani Combos

Customers will be delighted with the choice of options they have with Behrouz Biryani. The company offers chicken, falafel, paneer, tikka, vegetable, and chickpea dishes, plus many more to suit all tastes. For dessert, chocolate, ayran, gulab phirni, and more is on offer to satisfy a sweet tooth. Don’t forget your drinks - you can also order Coca Cola along with your meal.


behrouzbiryani coupons



We currently have several BehrouzBiryani discount codes available at 7Coupons, including:

  • 20% off all orders (maximum 1000 Rs discount)

  • 30% off delicious biryani

  • 75 Rs off food orders with a minimum 350 Rs cart value

  • 25% cashback on food orders

  • Lazeez Bhuna Murgh Biryani for just 340 Rs

  • 15% off food orders for new users

And many more! Take advantage of various money-off discounts for your whole food cart or individual dishes when you next order takeaway food!

Browse our amazing 7Coupons BehrouzBiryani offers now before the coupon codes expire!

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Using BehrouzBiryani promo codes is a great option for anyone who wants to get more for less! If you love takeout food, using a promo code when ordering online helps you save money - it’s a no-brainer!

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