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10% Off
Valid on Amazfit Strap Color Series
  • Valid Till : 5th August 2021
Extra 10% Off
Valid on all products
  • For New Users only
  • Valid Till : 2nd August 2021
Amazfit T-Rex Pro
Get it for just ₹12999.00
  • Valid Till : 5th August 2021
Amazfit GTS 2e
Get it for just ₹9999.00
  • Valid Till : 12th August 2021
Amazfit PowerBuds Pro
Get it for just $149.99
  • Valid Till : 5th August 2021
Amazfit PowerBuds
Get it for just ₹2999
  • Valid Till : 5th August 2021
Amazfit GTR 2e
Get it for just ₹9999.99
  • Valid Till : 5th August 2021
AMAZFIT Verge Lite
Starting at just ₹4999
  • Valid Till : 7th August 2021
Amazfit Bip
Get it for just ₹3999
  • Valid Till : 6th August 2021


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