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15% Off
Valid on 1 Year Subscription
  • Valid Till : 9th March 2021
10% Off
Valid on 3 Month Subscription
  • Valid Till : 9th March 2021
Exciting cash back offers
Valid on Subscription pack
  • Valid Till : 6th March 2021
3 Month Subscription pack
Get it for just ₹100
  • Valid Till : 8th March 2021
6 Months Subscription Plans
Get it for just ₹180
  • Valid Till : 12th March 2021
Subscription Plan
Get it for just ₹34 per month
  • Valid Till : 30th March 2021
Alt Balaji 12 Months Membership
Get it for just ₹300
  • Valid Till : 12th March 2021

More Info about Alt Balaji Coupons, Vouchers and Deals

Store Summary

Alt Balaji is a subscription-based video platform based in India. Owned by Balaji Telefilms Ltd, this launch into the digital entertainment industry creates a unique approach to tailor-made content geared towards Indians all over the world.

This company has made itself available across 32 various interfaces for user convenience. For example, users can access content via their tablet, mobile phone, web browser, and more.


Product Categories

From television shows and movies to comedy videos and music videos, Alt Balaji has it all. Users can browse through thousands of videos tuned towards their individual preferences thanks to this company’s wide range of categories. Some of their categories include:

  • Trending Now

  • Drama

  • Romantic Stories

  • Youth

  • Supernaturals and Thrillers

  • Crazy Comedies

  • Box Cricket League

  • Heart to Heart Conversations

  • Music Videos

  • Exciting Stories

  • Originals

  • Movies

Outside of the categories listed above, they also offer age-range recommendations so their users can more easily find what they are wanting to watch. These will appear in the titles of videos, such as a music video titled “Rated 18+ | Tu Hi Tu.”

altbalaji coupons

All of these unique stories are available in multiple languages. Alt Balaji primarily caters to their largest customer base, which is regional India customers but also caters to other language speakers abroad.



When it comes to subscription-based platforms, it can be hard to convince yourself to shell out the money every month. At, we’ve always got a unique selection of discounts to offer for ALT Balaji users. Check out any of these coupon options so you can have your cake and eat it too:

  • 10% Off

Offer valid on a 3-month subscription.

  • 15% Off

Offer valid on a 1-year subscription.

  • Exciting Cash Back Offers

Offer valid on the purchase of a Subscription Pack.

  • Subscription Plan Offer

Offer provides a Subscription Plan discount, so you only have to pay ₹34 per month.

  • Alt Balaji 12 Months Membership

Exciting offer for just ₹300.


Why Use Promotional Coupons?

Why should you use a promotional coupon in the first place?

For starters, it can save you money both upfront and in the long run – especially for subscription-based websites such as this. While offers may vary, the fact that you save money stays the same. Whether you choose an offer that saves you a specified amount per month or gives you cashback on your purchase, it is certainly a big incentive to make the purchase.

Getting any one of these discounts gives you the chance to try out this service if you haven’t yet at a lower risk than paying full price for it. If you don’t love it then no harm was done, you only paid a fraction of the price!


Shop More with doesn’t stop with Alt Balaji coupons – check out some of the many other discounts we offer for a plethora of other brands that we work with.


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